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Memoir for Rayne

Looking back, you were only a child with a cruel fate. But to this day, you have defined more than I could have ever imagined. The bonding of light and darkness. From friendship to love to life. This is my most precious story yet.

Love Across Universes

The butterflies that flew from the land of dreams to the sky of wishes. A rare and distant kind of relationship that brings two ends together, completing the circle of worlds. Maybe in their lifetime will they meet at long last.

Never Forget

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Ore, Twintails ni narimasu has got me addicted, and thinking about continuing on a new story I've been working on in my head. The one that involves cards, and maybe more. +v+
AoH: S5 Exams: Evelyn's Encounter by winnietehpoohie
AoH: S5 Exams: Evelyn's Encounter
Read right to left! Turn pages by clicking on the side of the page. If you prefer, press the Download button on the side to open it in a separate window/tab and then it'll fit to your browser window so you don't need to scroll up/down so much, but the text might be too small to read. [downloadable zipped PNGs upon request]


"What was I doing?"

This is the comic I was working on during the S5 Exams but didn't finish. For the record, it won't be counted for credits to Evelyn. This is the piece that fills in the plotholes for Irismightlikepink's S6 teacher pic and her latest comic "No Title". What will happen next?

Find the secret!

Characters belong to: (in order of appearance)
Evelyn - winnietehpoohie 
Daryl - SousekiTerra 
Ascher - AxisRaid 
Elisabeth - SnuggleMeDaily 
Lucis - yueppi 
Sylph - Quattrochi 
Tien - ForbiddenImmortality 
Fantine - Irismightlikepink 


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