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Memoir for Rayne

Looking back, you were only a child with a cruel fate. But to this day, you have defined more than I could have ever imagined. The bonding of light and darkness. From friendship to love to life. This is my most precious story yet.

Love Across Universes

The butterflies that flew from the land of dreams to the sky of wishes. A rare and distant kind of relationship that brings two ends together, completing the circle of worlds. Maybe in their lifetime will they meet at long last.

Never Forget

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AoH: VII by winnietehpoohie

The mysteries will unfold.

Welcome to AoH Semester 7! We hope you have a wonderful time this semester. :la:

Ranna © winnietehpoohie
Dysdamion © ninjanu
Sofya © alucinarae 
Magic Enthusiast by winnietehpoohie
Magic Enthusiast
"Anise darling, please go fetch these ingredients for me right away.
 And please try not to start a fuss with that shopkeeper this time."

Mené Neva loves playing with magic and alchemy with little concern for public safety. Many times have she almost blew the entire roof off of her workshop, and the mess is left for her assistant Anise to clean up. Don't worry, Anise is treated well. Mené is one of the most powerful magicians in the world of Ilysia. When things get serious, her full potential enables her the ability to decimate entire armies and seriously wound colossal creatures. Of course only when she really needs to as it is a huge drain on her mana thus weakening her overall. With this, she is considered a limit breaker in the Aetio multiverse along with Reyna Genevera, Raione Nightingale, and Celie Sylvia Eiriol.

Mené is a protagonist from the 4th story Ilysia Mana. Her choice of weapons are the book and rod, which I haven't drawn here. In this drawing, I've included a hidden attachment to her belt to hold scrolls and potions. Her hair is actually more purple/plum than the last time I coloured her. I really love her colour scheme, and the way I drew her too. It was meant to be just a sketch, but I really liked how it turned out so I decided to triple the resolution and redraw her. When I was lining, I had to play with some of the brush settings in order to imitate that sketchy feel I usually get on my low res drawings. I actually didn't plan to shade the whole body but I also didn't want to fallback onto my laziness again. In the end, I had a lot of fun drawing her. I'm actually supposed to come up with some new characters for this story, as a "promise" to a friend of mine. I wonder when the inspiration will hit.
Art Summary Of 2014 by winnietehpoohie
Art Summary Of 2014
I was more active in 2014 than I thought. ' v'a  I still love that Aden piece. *v*

I fear for 2015 though. XD
AoH: Dawn by winnietehpoohie
AoH: Dawn


sparkle sparkle +*+*

(An example of a pet CS available in the upcoming Event Shop. Template soon to follow. c: )


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Have you ever tried pixel art?
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